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Our mission is to bring all things about futsal (news, analyses, hot takes, results, events, etc.) in one place. FutsalFeed is the only futsal website in the world with daily news, podcasts, and social media posts from all over the web, as well as high-quality content: original editorial articles and columns written by the game’s top experts.

FutsalFeed’s innovative concept also allows readers to contribute by publishing news and events that were not already covered in the media. 



High-quality content

Our goal is to create high-quality and long-read content for the futsal audience. We are publishing 1-2 original content with impressive graphics in week.


Top Columnists

We are proud to have top experts like Estevao Cordovil, Dušan Matić, Doug Reed, Silvio Crisari, Leanne Skarratt, Valerio Scalabrelli, Antun Bačić, Thiago Polido and Aparup Chakraborty in our team.


Daily news

We are the only futsal website that delivers futsal news in the English language daily. Our readers can even send their news directly to our feed.

News feeds

Our website also gathers latest news and content from other relevant futsal websites all around the world.

Social media feeds

 We also have a feed from social media accounts and podcasts of the world’s best players and futsal influencers of the best players and influencers.


You can find all the latest events in the futsal world, and you can also add your event to our calendar.

Number 1 futsal news website – on Google and Alexa.


We rank 1st place on Google for keywords like “futsal news” among more than 61 million results, even higher than FIFA’s and UEFA’s web pages.

This is a result of continually generating high-quality content and our ambition to become the most relevant futsal web site in the world.


We are the best-ranked futsal news website in the world on Alexa Rank. We are ranked at 1,836,204th place.

The 2nd and 3rd futsal websites are ranked on 2.741.660th and 10.061.716th place respectively. 

We are a mobile 1st.

Most of our readers are on their mobile phones – 87% of them. Our optimized mobile version allows them to have an interactive and smooth experience using the site.

They can scroll, swipe, read, look at the most popular social media accounts

All ad formats are available also on the mobile version of the web.


of visitor are coming to our website from their mobile phone.

Our numbers.

10 Expert columnists, and the number is growing every month.

We have visitors from 196 countries all over the world.

We have at least 80000 page views per month.

We reach more than a million people with interaction on social media every month.

Native articles 1st on Google!

Our native articles are among 1st results on Google, we can write about everything you want with futsal context.

Here are some of the examples of our native articles:

TOP 6 Indoor futsal shoes

How futsal and sports clubs are using crypto?

Advertising formats.

You can find available advertising formats below. For all additional information, you can contact

World Cup section

We offer a special section with Futsal World Cup news with the name of your company. Your banner in each article about World Cup + 2 native articles. 

Our content about the World cup starts on August 15th, and it finishes on the final day of the World cup (October 3). 

Our team will be in the place, and create analysis, interviews, and reports from the games.

The price is 5000 EUR 

Original article

We offer native advertising in the form of original articles (with high-quality content and original graphics) generated by our writing staff which will be labeled as ‘Originals’. This article will be on our home page at least for 10 days, and we will share it on all our social media channels with reach more than 1 million people.

The price is 1000 EUR / article.

Promo article

Publishing of pre-produced article (the client writes it himself, but has to be approved by our editorial board – it must be in our ORIGINALS article standards).

This article will be on our home page at least for 10 days, and we will share it on all our social media channels with reach more than 1 million people.

The price is 600 EUR / article.

News article

We can create and publish news about your product/company. News will be on the homepage for at least 4 days. We will share your news on our social media accounts.

The price is 400 EUR / news.

Social media advertising

We can publish/share your content on our social media accounts (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter). 

The price is 200 EUR.

Feed advertising

We can add your company’s social media/news content to our feed. And when you publish something on your channels, it will appear on our website.

The price is 1.500 EUR / month.

Banner advertising

You can buy a fixed banner position on our website. Banner positions and prices are available below.


Web shop

We can implement your webshop on our website. The webshop would be on the Home page / Originals page / Columns page. 

You can implement your products, description, price, and buy button on the slider.

In this package, we offer also one Original article FREE.

The price is 1.200 EUR / month.

Global partner

If you want to become a global partner of FutsalFeed, we can offer you an Original article2 news, and we will share it on social media.

Also, after each article/Originals/Columns in that month, there will be: “This article is provided by… and your logo/name”.

The price is 2.500 EUR / month.

Full Takeover

If you want to become only one advertiser on FutsalFeed, you can take the Full takeover package. It includes 2 original articles, 5 news, all banner positions.

Also, we will include your social media channels in our feed (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube).

NOTE: We can provide this option only if we don’t have other advertisers at that moment.

The price is 6.000 EUR / month.

FutsalFeed best team awards

You can become a partner to our FutsalFeed best team awards. We started with awards in 2020, and we reached over a million people on social media. You can see more about it here.

Many international media write about it (you can read it here), and many players share it on their social media accounts (you can read it here).

The price is 5.000 EUR

Banner positions – example and prices.

Banner positions and prices:

Homepage heading banner – 1.000 EUR / month.

Homepage originals banner – 800 EUR /month.

Homepage banner 3 position – 400 EUR / month.

Originals main banner position – 800 EUR / month.

Originals side banner position – 600 EUR / month.

Originals below banner position – 200 EUR / month.

Columns main banner position – 800 EUR / month.

Columns side banner position – 600 EUR / month.

Columns below banner position – 200 EUR / month.

News banner position – 500 EUR / month.


If you want to cooperate with us, feel free to contact us now. You can send an e-mail to, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Also, you can add Antonio Karlović or Marijan Palić on LinkedIn, and start with a conversation.

Our content team has 8 people - content writers, designers & social media experts.